A professional cleaner on TikTok with over a million followers has said we are mopping our floors all wrong and simply "moving dirt around".

While some may be confident in their mopping abilities, the influencer revealed that our floors can remain as dirty as they were before even after we spend hours cleaning them.

If you're looking for a more effective way to clean your floors for less effort, here is what the TikTok user recommended.

Professional cleaner reveals we are mopping our floors all wrong

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The Cleaning Lady on TikTok, known as Donna, regularly shares tips with viewers on how to clean their homes as well as amazing before-and-after videos.

In a recent video posted to the social media platform, Donna shared that people should avoid using a sponge mop to clean their floors as these can leave dirt behind.

She said: "Another client that has only used a sponge mop. I told her the sponge mop only pushes the dirt around. Doesn't lift it up."

She recommended that viewers use a bristled mop to scrub the floors before using an O-Cedar mop with a spinning microfibre head.

The cleaner explained that her client was "impressed" by the results of this mopping method, adding: "She said no wonder why her kids' socks are always black."

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In the video, Donna showed off brown water as she emptied the bucket, revealing the amount of dirt lifted from the floor.

The floor also looked far lighter than before, a far cry from the almost grey tiles covered in dirt and grime.

She explained that she had to "do at least 10 rinses until the water was clear".

Many were thankful for her words of advice with one person writing: "Some of us were just never taught and are doing our best. I'm glad you shared with her the proper way so now she knows."

Another added: "10 rinses! Wow! Really shows the importance of why we scrub our floors first."