A deals expert has shared how Aldi customers can save £100s on their supermarket shop.

As the cost of living crisis continues, many of us are constantly on the lookout for creative ways to cut our costs.

Aldi might have won Which?'s cheapest supermarket in the UK for three years running but we can always find ways to save money on our food bills.

With this in mind, the co-founder of money-saving community Latest Deals Tom Church has shared his 10 ways to save £100s at Aldi.

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The tips range from the best times to shop to the best product dupes to add to your basket.

Providing the top tips, Tom said, “With Brits still struggling with rising supermarket prices, it’s more important than ever to get creative when it comes to keeping the cost of your weekly shop down.

"I have 10 tips and tricks I use to find bargains and get the best prices at my Aldi food shop”.

How to save money on your Aldi shop

Save 56% On Your Shop With Aldi’s Budget Range

Tom Church suggests shopping Aldi’s budget range which is called ‘Everyday Essentials’.

He elaborated: "You can find fruit, veg, meat, fish, breakfast cereals, dairy products, biscuits, ready meals and more for bargain prices.

"For example, you can get a jar of Strawberry Jam for just 39p. Sainsbury’s own brand budget Strawberry Jam is 89p. That’s a 56% price difference".

Find Special Buys Online

The smart shopper also urged shoppers to look at Aldi's online leaflet which features upcoming special buys.

He added: "You can often view products on the Aldi website before they land in stores. This is worth remembering as popular special buys sell out fast and can be really hard to get your hands on.

"You can use the online store locator to see if products are available in your local store, and then make a beeline for them. You can also read the product description and specification to see if it’s something you want, or if it’s not worth going into the store to look at it”.

Shop on Thursday or Sunday Mornings

“I recommend shopping when new stock arrives in store," Tom commented.

The bargain hunter continued: "For special buys, this means Thursdays and Sundays are the best time to head to Aldi.

"It’s always best to go first thing in the morning, so you’ll beat the crowds of people keen to get their hands on limited-stock items".

Tom also shared his personal experience at shopping at Aldi on a Thursday morning where he managed to get his hands on their outdoor solar lights and portable BBQ.

He urged customers to look out for upcoming events including:

  • Garden, Plants & Flowers - Sunday 7th April
  • Kitchen - Sunday 14th April
  • Storage Solutions - Thursday 11th April
  • Pets - Thursday 11th April
  • Laundry & Cleaning - Thursday 11th April

Save More Than £2 Weekly With The ‘Super 6’

Tom also pointed shoppers to Aldi’s ‘Super 6’ fruit and vegetable offer.

The Latest Deals co-founder explained: "Every week 6 products are cut to rock bottom prices. For example, this week you can get mushrooms (89p), pears (£1.39), sugar snap peas (95p) and baby corn (99p), all reduced to 69p each.

"A pack of 6 apples and a pack of 5 oranges are both reduced from £1.29 to 99p”.

Save £8+ Weekly With Aldi Dupes

The major supermarkets have become famous for their ‘dupes’ of pricey items.

For instance, you pick up dupes for all kinds of items from Charlotte Tilbury beauty products to McDonald’s chicken nuggets for a fraction of the price.

Tom went on: “Some of my favourites include their Cheese Curls, an alternative to Quavers, and the Vive Diet Cola, a Diet Coke alternative.

"Quavers are £3 for a pack of 12 at Sainsbury’s. That works out at 25p per bag. Aldi’s are £1.25 for a 10-pack. That’s just 13p a bag.

“Similarly, an 8-pack of Diet Coke at Sainsbury’s is £4.95, working out at 62p per can. Aldi’s Vive Diet Cola is £1.65 for a 6-pack. That’s just 28p per can.

“You can also save on their takeaway dupes. For example, their Snacksters Big Stack is an alternative to a McDonald’s Big Mac. It’s only £1.79 compared to the cost of a Big Mac which is around £4.90. That’s a whopping £3.11 difference”.

Save £22+ On Cheap Alcohol

“Aldi’s own brand alcohol is always one thing I always recommend," Tom shared.

The savvy shopper explained that they have cheaper alternatives to popular alcohol brands, for example, a bottle of their Aperini Superiore 70cl is £6.49, whereas a bottle of Aperol Spritz is £18.

He added: "Or, there is their Ballycastle Irish Country Cream Liqueur 70c, priced at £5.79. It’s a dupe for Bailey’s which is £17 a bottle”.

Use Supermarket Price Comparison Tools

“Wherever you shop, I recommend using the Latest Deals Supermarket Price Comparison Tool to make sure you’re getting the best price available. Just search for a product and you’ll see a list of stockists starting with the cheapest," according to Tom.

The bargain hunted provided the example of when he searched for Hazelnut Spreads and found that Aldi’s tied with ASDA’s for the best value at just £1.69 a pot.

He noted that Sainsbury’s was the priciest at £2.15 and that a pot of branded Nutella would set you back even more, with prices starting from £2.95.

Save £100s With Aldi Own Brands

“Since Aldi started selling more branded items, it’s easier to rack up a pricey trolley," Tom said. 

He went on: "Avoiding anything branded and sticking to the Aldi own brand lines will save you £100s over the course of a year.

"For example, instead of buying a tube of Pringles for £1.85, opt for a tube of Snackrite Stackers for just £1.49”.

Save 30% With Red Sticker Products

“While some supermarkets use yellow stickers to mark down reduced items, at Aldi it’s all about red sticker products," the smart shopper advised.

He shared: "I’ve found that red sticker discounts are made in the morning, rather than later on in the day, so it’s worth getting into the store early to see if you can bag a bargain".

“If you find an item that is on its end date, take it to a cashier and ask for a discount. Aldi’s policy is to give a 30% reduction but you have to ask for it.”

Sign Up For The Aldi Newsletter & Follow Their Socials

“Make sure you’re following Aldi on their social media pages and are signed up to their newsletter to be the first to hear about new launches and upcoming promotions," Tom advised.

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"They often announce things like their Back to School collection and new beauty products on their Instagram stories”.

Tom finished by adding, “When it comes to supermarkets, Aldi offers great value in my opinion. But, there are always things you can do to maximise your savings. By using these 10 tricks, you can save even more on your food shopping.

"If you don’t have an Aldi local to you, don’t forget that Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA all price match Aldi on hundreds of products. Just keep an eye out for Price Match signage in store”.