ITV's Lorraine fans have asked for the show to be renamed 'Christine' after Lorraine Kelly failed to appear for the 11th episode in a row.

A tongue-in-cheek X account called @LorraineKWatch has amassed over 16,000 followers in the past few months for simply documenting when Lorraine Kelly hosts her self-titled show.

The bio on the account also reads: "Keeping track of when the actress Lorraine Kelly decides to host her own show."

It also posts a percentage of how many times Kelly has hosted throughout the year. According to the account, she has hosted 48 episodes out of 74 this year.

Today, the account posted: "Lorraine Kelly did not host her own show this morning, with Christine Lampard stepping in. #Lorraine has hosted 48 episodes out of 74 (64.8%) this year. Christine has hosted 16 episodes, Ranvir Singh has hosted 9 and Louise Minchin has hosted 1.

"It may be worth noting that Christine has now hosted 11 episodes of #Lorraine in a row, more than any of the other hosts, including Lorraine."

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour in February, Kelly hit back at the account - suggesting she “didn’t care” about it.

“The amount of space I occupy in people’s head is quite bizarre,” she said. 

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“It’s hilarious! It is fine, I don’t mind and I don’t care. I probably would have cared before but I really don’t now.”

'Rename the show!'

One user responded to the account saying: "Rename the show!"

Another suggested renaming the show, with a big picture of 'Christine' covering the usual 'Lorraine' graphic: "In that case, should definitely be renamed," they said.