TWO well-loved butcher shops in Glasgow are raising money for defibrillators to help save lives in the community.

George Gilmour, whose businesses are located in Kings Park and Bridgeton, started raising money for the machines three weeks ago.

Glasgow Times:

The David Cox Quality Butcher shops have been an integral part of the community, one of them for more than half a century.

Mr Gilmour, whose father and grandfather both owned the businesses before him, hopes to potentially save lives and deepen his ties with the community even further.

He said: "I think that everybody who pulls together to make it happen and helps to raise the money, should feel a massive amount of sense of achievement.

"Knowing that we can possibly save a life will be a great feeling."

Glasgow Times:

The machines will cost around £1400 each and the butcher is looking to collect enough funds for two. 

The initiative is part of a national campaign, Butchers at the Heart of the Community, which encourages shop owners to raise money for community defibrillators.

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According to Mr Gilmour, over 90 Scottish butchers have successfully taken part in the campaign.

He added: "Last year alone, five of the defibrillators outside butcher shops were used to save a life.

"It's a very inspiring initiative, so that being the case, I was very much behind joining and seeing if we can raise the money for it.

"It's important to have such a machine close by and available 24 hours a day to the public in both communities.

"We are going to do a lot of fundraising events and do our best to raise the money through that, for example, hillwalking and similar sponsored events."

Glasgow Times:

The butcher celebrated 50 years of his Bridgeton shop last year with a full makeover of the building.

If the fundraising is successful, workers will once again descend the shop to install the defibrillators.