A TOP detective has spoken up following as police officers search for a Glasgow woman's body.

As we have reported earlier, investigators are searching the land near Dunoon for the remains of Lynda Spence.

Police Scotland have shared a video on their Facebook page of a top cop appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

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What did Police Scotland say?


Detective Superintendent Suzanne Chow, of the Major Investigation Team said: "In 2011, Lynda Spence was abducted and murdered. 

"In 2013, two men were convicted of Lynda's murder.

"Police Scotland have since continued to search for Lynda's remains to bring her home to her family.

"Today, we are carrying out an assessment of this rural location, near Dunoon in Argyll.

"As you can see, it is a vast area, we are making an initial assessment to allow for potential further search for Lynda's remains.

"Lynda's family have been updated and kept informed from our specially trained family liasion officers.

"I would like to appeal to the community that if you observed anything untoward in this area in 2011 or you feel you may have any information to please come forward and speak to our officers.

"There are additional patrols in this area, so please, come forward and speak to the officers.

"This will be a complex assessment and may take some considerable time.

"We will be supported by local policing, especially detectives and other agencies from across the United Kingdom, which will assist us."

What happened to Lynda Spence?


She was killed more than ten years ago after being forced into a car at Broomhill Path, in Glasgow's West End.

The High Court in Glasgow heard how she was then taped to a chair and subjected to violence during which she was burned with an iron, struck with a golf club and had her thumb cut off.

Her body has never been recovered.