A Glasgow woman met her ‘soulmate’ after ‘punching’ him at a bar over a misunderstanding.

Tiktok star Chelsea Breslin revealed she met her fiance after lightly bopping him as he accidentally tripped over her ‘sending her flying’.

The 25-year-old quickly confronted Sam Harbon, 25, after thinking it was deliberate while at the Labarraca nightclub in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Glasgow Times: Sam and Chelsea are getting marriedSam and Chelsea are getting married

But she was quickly won over by his charm after he recognised her Glasgow accent and invited her out to the smoking area, where the pair talked for hours before exchanging numbers.

Now almost five years later they haven’t gone a day without talking and have a two-year-old son together called Finn.

Chelsea said: “I was out in a nightclub and ready to go home, it was absolutely packed, then this big tall guy tripped me over as he was walking past.

“I went flying head first. He went to help me up and I just shouted ‘watch what you're doing’ and punched him, obviously not hard because he didn’t even move.

“We talked in the smoking area until the club closed at about 6am and he walked me to the taxi queue and got my number.

“I was in the taxi for one minute and he texted me saying ‘can’t wait to see you again’ and we’ve now never gone a day without speaking for nearly five years.

“The punch was obviously a one time thing.

"We are amazing and getting married soon.”

Glasgow Times: Sam and Chelsea are 'soulmates'Sam and Chelsea are 'soulmates'

Chelsea moved to South Yorkshire from Toryglen in the Southside in 2014 before meeting Sam in 2017.

They are now planning a wedding for 2024 and raising Finn and Chelsea’s little boy Rhonin, 6, from a previous relationship.

She shared their unusual meeting story on Tiktok to her 20k followers which raked in thousands of views and hundreds of comments from fans.



One person said: “I’m actual howling, true love!”

A second person said: “You are amazing and so funny.”

A third person said: “Absolutely brilliant for you two.”

A fourth person said: “This is incredible.”