A GLASGOW foodbank said its service user numbers have risen already due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Drumchapel Foodbank in the city's north west has put out an appeal on their Facebook page, asking people to donate as the number of people coming to them is on the rise.

Ryan  Mcgeaby, volunteer coordinator said: "We have already seen the effects of the cost-of-living crisis, our numbers are going up every week.

"The average person who donates to us is just like anyone else, working-class people from the local community, so there is a big difference is donations, as people are starting to save up.

"We are just seeing our shelves get barer and barer."

Glasgow Times: Drumchapel Foodbank appeals for donationsDrumchapel Foodbank appeals for donations

Glasgow Times: They say they are already feeling the negative effects of the cost-of-living crisisThey say they are already feeling the negative effects of the cost-of-living crisis

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He added that the last time they were struggling to a similar extent was at the beginning of the pandemic when people has to stay at home were unable to donate items.

Drumchapel Foodbank is independently run and provides food parcels based on nutritional value for those who are struggling to feed themselves.

Last week, they supported over 200 people from local areas.

The charity also runs services for people who struggle with addiction and debt but volunteers worry that as the prices rise, they will fail to keep up with high demand.

Since they published the appeal, more donations have been sent to them, but they urge anyone who can help out to do so.

If you wish to make a donation, you can call 0141 944 3335.