A DAD was caught storing £54,000 of drugs and a shotgun under a secret trapdoor of his flat.

David McIntyre, 54, was snared with more than 91,000 phenazepam tablets at the property in Glasgow's Possilpark on May 28, 2020.

The drugs were kept in tubs stored in a cellar which stretched the length of McIntyre's family home, only accessible by a "trapdoor."

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Officers also recovered a fully working USSR Baikal sawn-off shotgun during the raid of the cellar.

Heroin was found in the living room along with a mix of caffeine and paracetamol used to further the output of the drug.

McIntyre pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to being concerned in the supply of heroin and phenazepam.

He also admitted possession of a sawn-off shotgun without a firearm certificate.

The court heard police intelligence led to officers raiding McIntyre's home.

His Samsung mobile phone was seized and later found to contain conversations regarding the sale of drugs.

Prosecutor Alexander Sutherland said: “Beyond the doorway of the bedroom there was loose carpet, under which was a hinged trapdoor.

"The trapdoor had been cut into the floorboards.

"Through the trapdoor was a cellar-like area approximately four feet in height.

"This area ran the full length and width of the property.

"It was split into different areas by brick walls.

"Small crawl spaces made it possible to move from one section of the area to another.

"The area could only be accessed through the trapdoor.

"A white drawstring bag was recovered in the cellar area. It contained a sawn-off shotgun."

The gun derived from a USSR Baikal model was doubled barrelled and found to be in working order as well as in a "fair condition."

Also recovered from the cellar included 1801 tubs containing a total of approximately 91,490 phenazepam tablets.

Mr Sutherland added: "If bought and sold as nitrazepam tablets, these tubs have a street value of between £25 and £30 each.

"The total street value of the tubs is between £45,025 and £54,030."

A small amount of identical tablets were also recovered from a bedroom.

McIntyre's fingerprints were found on the tubs.

Further drugs from the living room included 28 grams of heroin valued at £8,050 as well as £200 of adulterant.

It was revealed the dad-of-ones previous convictions include driving offences, shoplifting and possession of cocaine.

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until next month.

McIntyre had his bail continued meantime.