Glasgow comedian Frankie Boyle is to return to his stand-up roots for a full run of shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer.

Boyle, 49, will be appearing at the Music Hall in the Assembly Rooms as part of the 75th anniversary season of the Fringe in August.

He will join fellow Scots comics Fern Brady and Susie McCabe in Assembly’s confirmed programme for this summer.

Boyle’s last major run of Fringe shows was in a 1,200-capacity room at the EICC, while the Music Hall has a capacity of around 670.

Boyle made his name performing at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh in the mid-1990s and won an open-mic award at the Fringe in 1996.

He rose to prominence thanks to appearances on TV shows like Mock The Week, Have I Got News For You and Would I Lie to You.

Despite pledging to retire from stand-up before he turned 40, Boyle has regularly toured.

He has now been confirmed for a headline appearance at the Fringe by the Sea festival in North Berwick in August.

An announcement on his Fringe show, entitled Lap of Shame, says: “As part of a continuing physical and mental tailspin, Frankie Boyle suppresses his overarching sense of futility and horror to tell jokes for an hour in the final days of organised human life.

“It’s a show largely about politics, satirising whichever new leaders emerge from the irradiated rubble.

“The show will then embark on a tour of Re-education Camps, Robot Barracks, and Colosseums built from old shipping containers.”