THE people of Glasgow and the surrounding area have reacted to the change in law on facemasks. 

From today, people across Scotland will no longer be legally required to wear facemasks on public transport and in most indoor public spaces as the rule moved into guidance. 

However, although the law has been lifted, the Scottish Government is still recommending people continue to wear face coverings and Nicola Sturgeon previously stated she is confident most people will continue to wear masks. 

So, we took to the streets of Glasgow to ask people how they feel about the change in rules and whether or not they will continue to wear a mask.

Glasgow Times: Phil CullyPhil Cully

Phil Cully, from Kelvinbridge, said he was unaware of the change in rules but said he will most likely continue to wear a mask for now. 

The 38-year-old said: "It doesn't make a big difference to me one way or the other, I'll probably keep wearing the mask through muscle memory. 

"I don't feel strongly one way or another.

"I’m between bus and underground right now so I’m just not taking it off."

Glasgow Times: Jackie MontgomeryJackie Montgomery

Jackie Montgomery, general manager at Lauders on Sauchiehall Street, said she doesn't think today's change in rules will make much of a difference. 

The 31-year-old, from Partick, said: "I honestly don’t think it will have that much of an impact.

"I think a lot of people the last couple of weeks have almost given up on it. 

"I think they’ve just seen that we’re the last ones to get rid of the masks cause they’re going on holidays and they’re coming from England and stuff where it’s all different, so I don’t think it will have as much of a massive impact as everyone thinks it’s going to."

Glasgow Times: People waiting for a bus on Renfield StreetPeople waiting for a bus on Renfield Street

She added: "I don’t think I will [wear a mask].

"If I’m in a confined space like a taxi, a train, a bus, I will just out of politeness for everyone else and a wee bit of safety as well but at work, out in public not any more I don’t think. 

"It feels a bit pointless if no one else is as well."

Glasgow Times: Connor MarshallConnor Marshall

Connor Marshall, 20, from Clydebank said he isn't "too fussed" about the change in rules. 

He said: "I will probably [wear a mask] in certain situations but if it’s too much of a faff I don’t really see why.

"For my own personal comfort I’ve got really used to it but I’ll just go with it."

Glasgow Times: Sandy MarshallSandy Marshall

Connor's dad Sandy said it's good to see a step towards normality but people still need to be responsible. 

The 54-year-old said: "I think you need to take responsibility when you’ve got maybe vulnerable people, vulnerable adults or someone who’s in ill health, I think you need to take those personal decisions when you’re dealing with that.

"But in general we’re all inoculated, we need to get used to living with it, it’s not going anywhere.

"I think we should just try and progress back to normal as much as possible."

Glasgow Times: Maureen WilliamsMaureen Williams

Maureen Williams, 49, from Port Glasgow, said she's pleased facemasks are no longer legally required as she has been "wearing them constantly" in her place of work.

She said: "If I’m going into a crowded place I probably will put one on but I am quite happy with it I have to say.

"Outdoors and in shopping centres isn’t that busy but if I was going into a concert or something I would put one on because it’s too many people and there’s a higher risk of catching the virus then."

Glasgow Times: Stacy GavienasStacy Gavienas

Husband and wife Blair and Stacy Gavienas both agreed they will continue to wear a mask for now, particularly in crowded places.  

Stacy, 28, said: "I was just down in Manchester at the weekend and it was really strange because obviously they’re totally different from Scotland and they’ve lifted it already.

"It was nice that we didn’t have masks on but at the same time I still like going into the supermarket without a mask is going to feel a wee bit strange, but it’s nice to be back to normal.

"A wee bit of normality is quite nice."

Glasgow Times:

She continued: "I think I will still have a mask with me depending on how busy places are or depending on how I feel.

"I'm sometimes a wee bit anxious if it’s a bit busy."

Glasgow Times: Blair GavienasBlair Gavienas

Blair, 28, said he will continue to wear a mask for both his own and other people's safety.

He said: "I’m in two minds.

"I think we should be going back to normal at some point but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

"I think the in the likes of pubs and clubs it’s quite easy for Covid to still be transmitted between people so I think we should still probably wear a mask but I can see why it’s not essential."

He added: "I think I will absolutely still wear a mask.

"It costs nothing to wear it so protecting others is just as important as protecting myself."