A WOMAN whose dog allegedly bit three people causing them injury has a warrant out for her arrest.

Jacqueline Wilkinson's pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier allegedly chewed two women and one man at a property in Glasgow's Milton on March 15, 2021.

Court papers state Wilkinson, 54, was the owner of a dog which was dangerously out of control.

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It is claimed that the dog repeatedly bit Jacqueline Alexander on the head and body to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

The dog is also said to have bit Peter Jennow and Stacey McKinlay on their bodies to their injury.

A final charge states that the dog broke loose, jumped up and approached Claire Gallagher aggressively.

The dog is alleged to have attempted to bite her on the body and tore her jacket.

Wilkinson failed to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Wednesday for a hearing on the four charges.

A warrant was issued by sheriff Sean Murphy QC.