SHOCKING footage has shown a mountain of rubbish under a bridge next to a Glasgow East End park.

The eyesore was spotted by resident Martin Monaghan, who was walking along on the pedestrian path along Gadie Street last week, metres away from Alexandra Park.

He noticed the illegal dump, under the bridge just before the intersection with Provan Road, and recorded the video on his mobile phone.

The video shows several tyres, furniture, a kitchen appliance, and dozens of bags ammassed on a disused railway, among the vegetation.

Glasgow Times: Gadie Street, near Alexandra Park, in Glasgow's East EndGadie Street, near Alexandra Park, in Glasgow's East End

Mr Monaghan, who has lived in the area for 13 years, said the sight is “unacceptable”.

He said: “It’s unforgivable what has happened in the last few years. It’s never acceptable for rubbish levels to rise to this extent.

“We are being failed."

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Mr Monaghan believes the cleansing of the East End has been especially neglected: “Maybe folk in other parts of the city are more likely to complain.

“We are taken as fools in the East End.

“To a certain degree of course residents have a duty not to needlessly dump rubbish.

“However when they start charging for bulk uplifts and that charge targets poor people there is going to be a negative outcome.

“Cleansing and potholes are the very basics. There is no excuses.”

Mr Monaghan shared the video on a community Facebook group.

Residents in the comments claim the rubbish in the area has been accumulated over years. 

One wrote: "This is awful. It has been like this for years. They need to put a bollard across the entrance of the road."

A second resident commented: "It's shocking but it's not something new they always use it as a dump site."

Last week, we reported on a flytipping hotspot blighting an area behind the Emirates Arena, ahead of an international track cycling competition held at the venue’s velodrome.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “This area is not included in the land the council takes responsibility for maintaining.

“It is the responsibility of any landowner to remove fly-tipping from their property but also to take steps to prevent fly-tipping in the first place.

“We will seek to liaise with the landowner and highlight the environmental issues on their land that are affecting the local community.

“Fly-tipping is an environmental crime and those responsible for illegal dumping are liable to be prosecuted.”