Ukrainian families in Glasgow will take to the city’s streets this weekend in memory of the children victims of the Russian invasion.

The March of Mothers will take place at 12pm on Saturday, April 30, in George Square.

Similar demonstrations have been organised in other Scottish cities, like Edinburgh and Aberdeen, and across Europe.

In the Facebook event set up for the march, organisers said: “For an ordinary mother, of any country, when it comes to her child, she does not have any political preferences, she only cares about her child.

“Many, many of our Ukrainian children can no longer shout. They have died due to the war started by Russia on the territory of our Ukraine. But we, their mothers, we will shout.

“We, mothers, will not stop while our children are being killed. And all the mothers of the world now have to shout with us every day.

“Every day we take to the streets of all European cities with the only requirement - to protect Ukrainian children who should not die from the war started by Russia on the territory of our Ukraine, to stop the death of our innocent children!

“We will invite you to join us again and again.”

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According to the United Nations (UN), as of April 25, 2,729 Ukrainian civilians were killed since the start of the war.

Among these are 61 girls, 73 boys, and 67 children.

However, the UN’s Office of the High Commissioners believes that the actual figures would be considerably higher, “as the receipt of information from some locations where intense hostilities have been going on has been delayed and many reports are still pending corroboration”.

You can find the event here.