A DELIVERY driver ran over a pedestrian as she crossed at a green man.

Ex-DHL employee James Harrison, 39, struck Margaret Murray in Glasgow's Maryhill in December 2019.

The 39-year-old was adjusting his radio when he took his eyes off the road.

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Miss Murray, fortunately, escaped uninjured.

Harrison, of the city’s Ruchazie, pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to careless driving.

Sheriff Jonathan Guy fined Harrison - now a landscape gardener - £290 and disqualified him from driving for 108 days.

The court heard it was 5pm when Harrison was in his Vauxhall van on Maryhill Road as the victim approached the pedestrian crossing.

Prosecutor Robbie McDougall said: "She stepped off the road when the green man illuminated and at this time was struck by Harrison's vehicle.

"The woman fell to the ground and was assisted by witnesses."

Harrison came out the van and stated that he "didn't see the lights."

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There was no medical evidence which Mr McDougall took to believe there was no injury.

Marc Waters, defending, told the court that Harrison was delivering parcels at the time.

The lawyer added: "He was adjusting his radio and the lights were at green.

"When he looked up the lights changed and Miss Murray crossed the road.

"Mr Harrison slammed on the brakes and hit her.

"He appreciates the seriousness of the matter."

Sheriff Guy told Harrison that the offence was of the "upper most serious" of that type.