A CONVICTED attempted murderer who sang a song as he strangled his lover over a 13-hour campaign of terror has been jailed for 30 months.

Robert Rankine turned on the woman at her home in Glasgow's Baillieston between 11 and 12 September, 2020.

The 33-year-old repeatedly choked the victim with both hands.

Rankine also slapped the woman who repeatedly blacked out during the horror ordeal.

The brute stated during the attack that she should worry about getting out the house alive.

Rankine was jailed for 11 years in 2006 for an attempted murder charge at the High Court in Edinburgh.

He was convicted by a jury on Friday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting the woman.

The court heard that the pair got together in February 2020 and split up as a result of the incident seven months later.

The pair were out separately on the night of the incident but drank later on at her property.

Rankine's temper erupted after she was messaging a male friend at 10pm.

Rankine grabbed her phone and pushed her to the ground before getting on top of her.

She told the jury in evidence: "He was strangling me with both hands."

The victim said she managed to get the phone back and mistakenly dialled 112 instead of 111 only for Rankine to snatch it back and tell the call handler that everything was "okay."

The woman said she gasped for air on several occasions and that she also "blacked out."

She added: "He said the only worry is getting out the house alive."

She was later dragged into her bed where she was continuously strangled again.

This included putting his thumbs on her throat which caused her "horrific" pain.

She said: "At one point he was singing a song...a slow song, I don't know what it was."

Prosecutor Carrie Stevens asked what she was thinking at the time and she replied: "That he was a psycho."

She added: "My body was lifeless at that point."

The woman recalled blacking out again and waking up at 8am the next morning beside an awake Rankine who threatened her not to leave.

The victim claimed that she told Rankine that she had to leave to pick up a child but he refused to let her go.

The witness stated that she managed to escape at 11am after taking out the bin and running into her car while wearing no shoes.

She drove to her mother's house where a 999 call was made and Rankine was later arrested at her home.

She told the jury that she suffered bruising to every part of her body and that her face was swollen as well as her eyes being red.

The victim said that she also had to take time off her work and is still nervous around people to this day as a result of the attack.

Rankine had lodged a special defence of 'self-defence' before the trial began.

Sheriff John McCormick also granted a five-year non-harassment order restricting Rankine's contact with the woman.