A MAN who was hit on the head with a breezeblock during an attack says he suffered a concussion and whiplash.

Kevin McDermott, from Maryhill, was hit with a brick by "four young neds" as he was riding an e-scooter along the Kelvin Walkway yesterday afternoon.

On his ride-along, he came across branches on the pathway. When he stopped to move them out the way, he was struck, leaving him with a neck injury.

The singer-songwriter, whose orchestra supported artists like Rod Stewart, claims he would be dead if it wasn't for the helmet he was wearing.

He said: "I now know the branches were dragged there, so whoever is coming through on either a scooter or a bike would have to stop.

“So, I stopped and got off the scooter and I got hit square in the head by a breezeblock.

“Someone has thrown it directly at my head from 30 feet up, with the aim of either killing me or knocking me unconscious and then coming down later and stealing my scooter, which is all I can imagine they had in mind."

Glasgow Times: Kevin McDermott's helmet after the incidentKevin McDermott's helmet after the incident

Glasgow Times: Kevin McDermott's picture of the scene of the attackKevin McDermott's picture of the scene of the attack

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The 60-year-old called the police. While waiting, he heard laughing.

He said: "Suddenly, these four young neds appeared through the bushes and I recognised that it was them who threw the breezeblock.

“I could hear them laughing as they were coming through the bushes thinking that I was not there. It just enraged me.

“Who knows how many times they have done it.

"I was furious and I became very vocal and they ran off.

“I would have never expected this to happen here. Very, very strange, I am in shock."

Mr McDermott went to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a concussion and a neck injury.

He added: "As the day went on, I felt a bit sick, I had headaches.

“When I was examined later on, I was definitely concussed and I also had whiplash.

“It could have been an awful lot worse.

“I am still very sore, a bit dizzy but mostly annoyed that this happened. It’s absolutely shocking."

Police are investigating the attack.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Officers were called around 3.30pm on Monday, May 2, 2022 to Kelvin Walkway in the Maryhill area of Glasgow, following reports of a man being assaulted by a group of youths.

"The 60-year-old wasn't injured and enquiries into the incident are ongoing."