SCOTRAIL says it has 'no plans' to lift the ban on alcohol on trains or in stations. 

The rail operator says it currently has "no timeframe" for lifting the "temporary" ban which was introduced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, despite the majority of government restrictions being lifted last month. 

The current rules mean no alcohol can be drunk "at any station in Scotland or onboard any ScotRail train at any time of day", and visible alcohol, whether opened or unopened, is banned.

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Rail bosses at ScotRail, which became publicly owned on April 1, say they are keeping the decision "under review". 

A ScotRail spokesperson, said: "The alcohol ban has been in place for a fairly significant period of time.

"Our policies in general terms are kept under review, but currently, there is no timeframe for any change to the ban on drinking alcohol."

The booze ban was brought in during the pandemic in November 2020 in response to "extremely drunk passengers" who showed "complete disregard" for the measures which had been introduced to stop the spread of the virus.