AN ICONIC bench in a Glasgow park has been trashed by vandals in a string of vandalism incidents in the area.

Featured in the Hot Seat episode of Still Game, it was branded the “number one” bench in the fictional Glasgow neighbourhood of Craiglang.

In the BBC's show, the Victoria Park bench sparks a war between the protagonists, Jack and Victor, and their friends, Tam and Winston.

Glasgow Times: At the end of the "Hot Seat" episode of Still Game, Jack and Victor finally get to sit on the "number one bench".At the end of the "Hot Seat" episode of Still Game, Jack and Victor finally get to sit on the "number one bench".

The spot, also well-loved in real life by residents of the surrounding areas, was ruined by vandals over the bank holiday weekend.

Images show the remnants of a fire, lit just next to the famous bench.

The grass all around it was burned as a result, with the patch left covered in ashes, pieces of metal, aluminum trays and other pieces of rubbish.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times: MSP Bill Kidd said this is not the first episode of anti-social behaviour in the park in recent weeks.

One of these saw the park's Fossil Grove building spraypainted with graffiti in the last few days.

“I had been made aware of an upturn in vandalism and graffiti both within the park at the Fossil Grove and along the cycle path by youths, some underage and drinking alcohol," he said.

“I’m aware that locally the police have some CCTV footage and am glad to say they are following some positive lines of enquiry.

“While out on the campaign trail I know that my colleagues Carol Monaghan MP and local candidate Feargal Dalton have on two separate occasions challenged different groups and commend them for it.

“Hopefully an increase in the usual police presence will assist in protecting the ‘Still Game bench’, as well over both the exam period, into the summer and for the future”.

Glasgow City Council has since cleared up the mess and said it could have been caused by misuse of disposable barbecues.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

A spokesperson said: “It’s very disappointing to see the use of disposable barbecues causing damage to the city’s parks.

“Barbecues are allowed in our parks but we expect them to be used responsibly, which means keeping them off the grass or other combustible surfaces.

“We also expect barbecues to be extinguished after use and disposed of properly.

“Leaving a burnt out mess behind is not acceptable as it will spoil the affect open space for others.

“Our staff were aware of this incident and the mess has been cleared, although it will take time for the grass to recover.”

Glasgow Times: Graffiti on the Victoria Park Fossil Grove building.Graffiti on the Victoria Park Fossil Grove building.

Glasgow Times:

The council's graffiti removal team also cleaned up the scrawls on the Fossil Grove building.

The graffity were similar in colour and style to the ones that appeared in Govan's Elder Park last weekend. 

On Monday, we reported on the newly restored gates in Elder Park being scribbled in blue paint for the fourth time.

The park's noticeboard carried the message "I'll keep spraypainting".

Police Scotland said it has increased police presence in the area to deter the vandals.

Inspector Kenny Robertson said: “We have received a number of complaints regarding vandalism in Victoria Park, Glasgow, recently.

“We take this type of crime seriously and enquiries are ongoing to trace those responsible.

“Officers have been carrying out extra patrols of the area and I would like to reassure locals we are doing all we can to make the park enjoyable for all.”