TELEPHONE boxes are being installed in repair garages throughout Glasgow to help men talk about their feelings amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Insurance company LV is hoping to reach out to those that are less likely to look after their mental health and break the stigma of men feeling unable to admit they need help.

As bills continue to rise, LV said men are becoming more worried about financial difficulties, the future, and being able to provide for their families. 

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The phones have been installed in garages, with an estimated 90% male workforce, with direct access to Family Action’s FamilyLine service.

Glasgow Times:

Heather Smith, managing director at LV= General Insurance, said: “Through our work with Family Action’s vital service FamilyLine, we’re proud to offer families a means to access free guidance and support for a range of issues, from parenting to more complex problems.

“We’ve seen from our research that men are much less likely to reach out for help, and the data from FamilyLine shows this. However, we must look to break down the barriers and stigma so that men feel it’s okay to reach out when they need to.

“We felt by providing easy, direct access to FamilyLine in our LV= garages, where our people are predominately male and where our customers come to see us, will help encourage more men to seek help when they need it and talk.” 

Glasgow Times:

The helpline offers free support and guidance for adult family members via text, phone, web chat and email. Callers can also be referred to services including counselling, coaching, and befriending.

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Ayse Hassan, head of helpline at Family Action, said: “Clearly the current cost-of-living crisis has put even more pressure on families who were already vulnerable.

“FamilyLine has seen a steady rise in the number of calls in the last 12 months, with a 30% increase in contacts in 2021 compared with the year before.

“Our helpline volunteers provide a listening ear for those in need, offering support and guidance as well as signposting callers to other specialist support services, and we’re proud to be able to partner with LV= to encourage more men to access help.”

Glasgow Times: