A MAN fractured his spine after falling from a balcony while fleeing from a knife-wielding thug.

Daniel Miller, 25, fell on a fence to escape John Gray, 31, in Glasgow's Springburn on April 16, 2021.

Gray had earlier lashed out at Daniel amid an argument over a misplaced phone.

His spinal injury was so "severe" it could have potentially left his legs paralysed.

Gray pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting Daniel to his severe injury.

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He also admitted assaulting Michaell Miller, 25, to his severe injury and impairment.

The court heard Michael and Daniel were at Gray's flat.

Michael "misplaced" his phone and asked Gray where it was which he took offence.

Gray became aggressive and initially punched Daniel to the head and body before picking up a kitchen knife.

He continued to punch Daniel before he fled the scene in fear.

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Prosecutor Sarah Latta said: "He climbed over the veranda railing in an attempt to lower himself to the lower balcony.

"Gray thereafter charged towards him which caused Daniel to panic and lose his grip.

"He fell backwards, hitting off the fence and falling to the ground on his side."

Gray meantime subjected Michael to a knife attack.

He then kicked Michael who was curled on the ground before stabbing him on the calf.

Michael was able to escape before a 999 call was made.

Michael was kept in hospital for two days for a deep wound to his left calf which was closed with stitches.

Two head wounds as well as an elbow injury were treated with staples and glue.

Miss Latta said: "Daniel was found to have a burst fracture to his spine, a broken elbow and a fracture to his right arm which required surgery."

He was fitted with screws and rods in his spine to stabilise the fracture.

Miss Latta added: "The spinal injury was deemed as severe by the doctor who also advised that it could have potentially led to paralysis of the legs."

Daniel was also left permanently scarred.

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until the end of the month.

Gray, who appeared from custody, had her remand continued by sheriff Daniel Kelly.