A WOMAN is on trial for stalking her niece amid a feud over payment for a funeral.

Catherine Greig, 69, allegedly sent Karen Irving, 43, numerous letters and packages to her home in Glasgow's Summerston between April 2015 and October 2018.

Greig is said to have been looking to be re-imbursed for a funeral for Mrs Irving's then estranged mother.

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Mrs Irvine told Glasgow Sheriff Court that she feared for her life.

Numerous letters contained notes such as "enjoy the time you have left" and another referenced the Daniel and Lyons families.

Mrs Irving stated that her aunt was to blame in part due to her "distinctive" handwriting.

Greig denies the single charge of stalking.

The court heard from Mrs Irving who told the court in evidence that she stopped speaking to her mum and Greig after a falling out at her hen party in March 2012.

The witness stated that her mum passed away in February 2015 and she was the beneficiary of her estate.

Mrs Irving claimed she first received a "guardian angel" in the post which she believed was from Greig.

She said other letters and cards she received was Greig pretending to be friends of her mum.

One early letter said: "...if you back away from her estate and give it to her sister."

Mrs Irving claimed the letter was received shortly after Mrs Greig took her to the small claims court for money for her mum's funeral.

Another note from June 2015 mentioned: "Your husband will leave you for a slim young model."

The letter ended: "Enjoy the time you have left."

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Prosecutor Danielle McGuiness asked Mrs Irving what she thought the last part of the letter meant.

A tearful Mrs Irving replied: "I was going to die...I was just about to go on maternity leave - it was just horrible."

The witness claimed she received a religious package in the mail which she claimed had been filled out by Greig.

Miss McGuinness asked if she noticed the handwriting and the witness replied: "Yes, it was my aunt, the G [in the name] was distinctive."

In relation to the other letters - Mrs Irving claimed that Greig's grammar also stood out.

The witness stated she received two letters alleging to be from Greig's husband looking for money for Mrs Irving's mum's funeral.

In it the letter says: "Don't force me to involve the papers, you know this is such a sad story.

"I'm waiting on my payment of £1,713.87, you have 14 days to make full payment to myself or I will have no choice but to begin court proceedings."

Mrs Irving believed this was also written by Greig.

Miss McGuinness asked what the money was in reference to.

The witness replied: "My mum's funeral cost."

She stated she later received a Christmas card which stated that she killed her mum added with: "I hope in 2016 you get the pain of losing someone close to you."

Mrs Irving claimed she received a card on the day of her mum's birthday several weeks later saying: "Killed by her family, but they will be punished in hell soon I pray."

This was followed up on Mrs Irving's mum's anniversary of her death with a typed note.

It said: "This card is not for you - it's for my friend you killed one year ago."

The witness claimed she also received a similar card on the second anniversary.

She stated this was followed up with a 'Get well soon' card.

Miss McGuiness asked what she took that to mean and the witness replied: "When you are told you're going to die, it's all related to it."

A further card claimed that Mrs Irving's police officer husband had been cheating on her with a colleague.

She claimed that he reacted "angrily" and had to inform his superiors about the letter.

Another card said: "I was talking to people I know who are associates of the Daniel family.

"They would love to know that they have a copper in their manor and will probably let slip to Lyons family.

"I see CCTV outside your home - be in touch soon."

Mrs Irving was asked about the references to the Lyons and Daniels families in relation to her husband's job.

She stated: "I felt scared if I'm honest as I know these people live around us."

The trial continues at the end of the month before sheriff Lindsay Wood.