A MAN allegedly pretended to be a police officer to gain access to a flat he is said to have robbed the day before.

Omar Sharif, 41, is accused of assaulting Elaine Esnol in Glasgow's Govanhill in January 11 and 12 this year.

Court papers state Shariff initially forced entry into the flat and damaged household belongings.

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He then allegedly struck Miss Esnol on the body with a wooden stick and hit her on the head.

Sharif is stated to have uttered threats of violence, demanded money and robbed her of a mobile phone as well as £20.

Miss Esnol was allegedly injured as a result.

The charges go on to say Sharif turned up to the flat the next day pretending to be a police officer in order to gain entry.

It is claimed he pushed his way in, demanded money, brandished a crowbar, pushed her on the body and uttered threats.

The charge states this was done with intent to rob.

Sharif's final charge alleges that he had a crowbar in a public place without a reasonable excuse or lawful authority.

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Sharif pleaded not guilty today at a hearing in Glasgow Sheriff Court to the three charges.

Bob McCormack, defending, told the court: "I am fully prepared as far as the trial process is concerned.

"The estimated length will be two days."

Prosecutor Hannah Sweeney also stated that the Crown were prepared for a three-day trial.

Sheriff Joan Kerr set a trial for October this year.