A MAN caused more than £40,000 of damage to his mum's home after setting it on fire.

Billy Brown, 35, sparked the blaze in Theresa's rented flat in Glasgow's Tollcross on December 29, 2019.

Topless Brown ran in and out of the flaming building while shouting "burn, burn, burn."

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The fire damage was so bad that Theresa's television melted and her couches were "burnt to a carcass."

Brown pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to wilful fire raising and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

He was ordered to do 225 hours of unpaid work and put under supervision for 12 months.

Brown, of the city's Dennistoun, was also tagged for eight months keeping him indoors between 7pm and 7am.

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Sheriff Daniel Kelly said: "You are fortunate the charge you faced was wilful fire raising and no one was injured.

"This very much due to the quick thinking of your neighbour who was only one to have a degree of common sense.

"The behaviour was completely reckless and dangerous as well as exceptionally serious and you should be grateful for your neighbour's involvement."

The court heard neighbours heard loud banging compared to fireworks before smoke was spotted billowing out the property.

Brown as well as homeowner mum Theresa and his son were seen to flee the building.

Brown was clocked running in and out the property in an "erratic manner taking his top off and putting it back on again."

A witness approached Brown and asked if he was responsible for the blaze.

He replied: "Aye, I did and I'll burn the f***ing lot of them down."

Brown was later asked where his mum and son were - he stated: "They're away a sail down the Clyde."

He then ran in and out the house shouting: "Burn, burn, burn, yaas."

A 999 call was made and the fire service were able to extinguish the blaze.

There were no obvious signs for what started the ignition.

Prosecutor Sarah Latta said: "It was the opinion that the fire had been burning for a period of time due to the extent of the television melting, the melting of the light and both sittees which were burnt to a carcass."

Brown was pointed out by witnesses as being responsible and he was approached by police officers.

He made comments such as "F*** off" and "I'll see you when I get out this van" after he was arrested.

Meantime, other residents were able to go home once the fire service had completed their duties.

The hearing was told that the total cost to Tollcross Housing Association was £41,387.

Miss Latta added: "This was the cost of all works, rental loss and costs for the taking tenant Teresa Brown to another property for the duration of the work."

Brown's lawyer told the court that he had been drinking that day.

He added: "He is lucky he didn't cause serious injury to himself and others including his mother."