A TINY takeaway shop in the city’s Southside is fast becoming known for its BBQ-style brisket and ribs the likes of which you would usually only expect to find at an all-American cookout.

Taking hours to create that authentic balance of sweet cherry wood smoke and spice is a labour of love and one that Shehroz Akram, the owner of Sherry’s Smokehouse, discovered completely by chance.

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Glasgow Times: Pictured: Sherry's Smokehouse on Shields RoadPictured: Sherry's Smokehouse on Shields Road

He said: “I got into all this about three years ago.

“I was at work one day flicking through YouTube and came across a video of someone smoking a brisket.

“I started searching online for somewhere nearby that I could try that kind of thing but the nearest was a weekend-only stall in London.”

Inspired to pursue a hobby that was a world away from his nine to five at a vape shop, the 29-year-old began online shopping, curious to see if he could recreate a smokehouse experience at home.

He said: “At first, I ordered a small smoker that only cost about £40.

“It was a lot of fun to cook with and the food tasted great, so I decided to invest in a second one that was around £1000.

“I didn’t tell my wife at the time and when she did find out she was fuming.

“Thankfully, she’s over it now.”

Glasgow Times: Pictured: A burger topped with smoked brisketPictured: A burger topped with smoked brisket

She may have been sceptical at first, but as lockdown hit and Shehroz found himself dedicating more and more time to developing his skills, it was his wife that suggested that he should consider selling the finished product.

He soon found himself delivering to customers from as far away as London and felt confident enough to make the jump from a back garden project to opening his own shop in Glasgow.

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Glasgow Times: Pictured: Inside Sherry's SmokehousePictured: Inside Sherry's Smokehouse

However, as a complete newcomer to the game, Shehroz readily admits that it was far from smooth sailing.

He laughed: “That very first day was hectic. 

"I felt so out of my league that we shut and didn’t come back for about three weeks.

“Our menus didn’t get delivered, our till system stopped working. It all went wrong at once.

“It was a good thing though. We learned a lot and went back to the drawing board.”

The Smokehouse is now in full swing, running until sellout from Thursday to Sunday weekly, with local food bloggers regularly citing it as one to watch.

Talking us through a standard day at the Shields Road spot, he said: “It is a small shop, but we’ve expanded it to allow for more space for the smoker at the back of the unit.

“The meat that will be ready to serve at 1pm on Thursday started cooking at 2pm the day before.

“I come in early to salt the meat which adds pockets of moisture.

“It’s seasoned and then put in the smoker for 12 to 14 hours getting regular checks to make sure there’s enough moisture and smoke.

“Eventually when there’s enough colour on the outside of the meat, or the bark, it's time to wrap it for tenderness.

“It’s a very long process, but I love it.”

@sherryssmokehouse Slow smoked beef rib burger with a handmade charcoal grilled beef patty 🤤 #food #smokedfood #fyp #halal ♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy

Three months in and having found a rhythm to his work, Shehroz is glad to have followed his gut and looks forward to the new challenges his business will bring.

He said: “I could never have imagined that buying the first smoker would lead to this.

“I honestly just thought it would be an interesting hobby.

“I think lockdown was what pushed me to open the shop.

“That’s when I really found my passion for it.

“I can definitely see myself doing this for the foreseeable future.”

Sherry’s Smokehouse s located at 417 Shields Road.

For more information click here.