A MAN caught sending drugs through the post office claimed he thought he was transporting alarm clocks.

Usman Bhatti posted ecstasy in five packages from Glasgow's Gorbals to Elgin, Moray, on April 14, 2020.

The 27-year-old cash and carry picker was caught after one of the packages burst open and the drugs were found.

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Bhatti told Glasgow Sheriff Court that he believed he was sending alarm clocks for a deceased mutual friend and paid £10 per trip.

He denied knowledge of drugs being inside the parcels.

Bhatti was convicted of two charges of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs 2C-B and ecstasy.

He earlier pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine at his home in the city's Pollokshields.

The Crown put forward an agreed document of evidence known as a joint minute for their case.

The document stated that Bhatti posted five packages with recorded delivery to a William Young in Elgin.

It went on to say: "The area manager was asked to attend to a package that was damaged.

"Upon dealing with the parcel, a small box with a clock fell out along with a package of pink stuff inside it and a bag which contained crystals in it."

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Police were contacted and the packages were found to contain one gram of 2C-B and 0.5 grams of ecstasy.

Bhatti gave evidence during trial where he claimed he was unemployed at the time.

He stated that he was approached by a mutual friend he had known for a couple of months named Omir Sadique.

Bhatti claimed that Mr Sadique died in October 2020.

Alison Miller, defending, asked why Bhatti delivered for him and he replied: "He just asked me to give him a hand as I wasn't working as it was during Covid.

"He said I could make some extra money delivering alarm clocks."

Miss Miller: "Were you aware there were drugs in the packages?"

Bhatti: "No."

Prosecutor Lauren Aitchison asked: "Someone you only met four or five times asked you to deliver alarm clocks and seals the packages before you get them and you just took that at face value?"

Bhatti: "Yes, I didn't know he was involved in drugs."

Sentence was deferred pending background reports by sheriff Barry Divers who granted Bhatti bail meantime.