A nail-biting Europa League Final defeat caused heartbreak for Rangers fans in Glasgow and Seville alike last night.

But today, as the dust settles, that initial devastation has turned to pride as the local community celebrates how far the club has come.

The Glasgow Times returned to Ibrox this afternoon to find out more:

Ian McColl, 47, from Ibrox

"Was I tense before the game? I didn't sleep for two days.

"I'm disappointed that we missed the penalty but someone had to.

"It's just a shame that it was a Rangers player.

"Getting to Seville was a feat in itself and it's going to attract a lot more potential players to Scotland.

"It wasn't to be, but I love that we got there.

"There is no other club. We're Rangers. This is how we do it."

Glasgow Times: Ian McCollIan McColl

Coney Lioli, 31, from Ibrox and Emanuel Clark, 22, from Finnieston, staff members at Good Times Roll on Copland Road

Coney said: "The game was amazing, I think everyone really enjoyed it.

"People were a little disappointed but that's ok, we still have Saturday to play again so hopefully we'll win.

"All of the customers have been really friendly today and there was no trouble around last night so all in all, it was a good game."

Emanuel added: "Hangovers are good for business anyway, aren't they?"

Glasgow Times: Coney Lioli and Emanuel ClarkConey Lioli and Emanuel Clark

Natalie McIlwham, 36, from Cathcart

"It was a very intense game, we were really nervous.

"We were gutted when we woke up this morning. It almost felt like losing someone, it was that sad.

"But, at the same time, we're very proud of the team.

"The fact that they got this far is amazing and yesterday we had such a nice family day watching it.

"That's what it's about, being part of a big team.

"It's my birthday and I'm spending it in an Ibrox Rangers pub celebrating which says it all really, there's nothing better."

Glasgow Times: Natalie McIlwhamNatalie McIlwham

Karen McConnachie, 52, from Crookston, staff member at the Bellrock Bar

"I was working here while the game was on and the atmosphere was amazing. 

"Everyone was having fun, even after.

"People were a little deflated but still on a high because of how far the team had gotten.

"I was very proud of them.

"For the team, and everyone who supports them, it was such a huge achievement.

Glasgow Times: Karen McConnachieKaren McConnachie

Janis Crawford, 62, from Kinning Park

"When we got to 1-0 I really did think that we had it in the bag, the whole place erupted.

"I was disappointed, but we've come so far and we'll be back again.

"I'm sure Aaron Ramsey is feeling sick today, poor lad, but he shouldn't because we're all so proud of the whole team, the management and the fans.

"I'm proud to call myself a Rangers fan."

Glasgow Times: Janis CrawfordJanis Crawford

Angela and Jim Scott, both 53, visiting from Belfast

Angela said: "We tried to go to Seville for the game but couldn't get tickets, Glasgow was the next best thing.

"We were gutted last night. We really couldn't believe it.

"It was a shame that we went to penalties, but we still had a good night in the end."

Jim said: "I'm proud of the team.

"They took us on a good journey, we just didn't make it over the line in the end.

"But it's taken us right back to we were 11 years ago."

Glasgow Times: Angela ScottAngela Scott

Glasgow Times: Jim ScottJim Scott