A DRUMMER has gathered his old bandmates for a charity night in aid of Parkinson's Scotland.

Graham Platt was diagnosed with the disease at the end of last year.

To support the charity, he is bringing together The Coffins, Electric Warrior, The Sensational David Bowie Tribute Band and Sensational Alex Harvey Experience, for all of which he has played over the years.

Hoping to raise £2000, the event will be held at Glasgow's Ivory Blacks tomorrow, from 6pm to 11pm.

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The Rosyth man said: “I'm a drummer and there are four bands playing on the night that I've played with in the past.

"I was diagnosed at the end of last year and my main symptom is finding the difference between my right hand and my right arm.

"So it came into my head that, being a drummer, that could be a bit of a hindrance. I hadn't played for about three years because I got married and moved to Fife and I thought that I might not get the chance to drum again in a few years, I don't know how I'll be.

"So I decided to organise a gig and raise funds for Parkinson's UK Scotland and asked my old bandmates to play on the night.

"I'm playing with every band on the night from start to finish. The way I looked at it was, if it's one of my last gigs like this, do I want to watch someone else playing a drum kit.

"I think the adrenaline and a couple of beers will get me through the night!

"I was rehearsing the other night and it was a bit more of a struggle but my symptoms vary. In previous rehearsals it's been better than others.

"I find that, at the start for the first couple of songs, it's a wee bit more difficult but I get through it, I can adapt.

"As the nerves or the tension settle then the difficulty in my arm eases as well.

"There's still tickets available online and they will be right up until the day and then there's tickets available on the door."