PUPILS from two Glasgow schools have developed their businesses in partnership with the Big Issue.

Pupils from St Denis's and St Bernard's primary schools have been taking part in social enterprises as part of a project called Social Enterprise Schools. 

They also met with a Glasgow Big Issue vendor to learn all about what selling the magazine is like. 

Pupils from St Denis's in the East End are running the CFR Veggie Tin where they plant vegetables in tins for the community. 

Glasgow Times: St Denis pupilsSt Denis pupils

One pupil said: "We collect these tins from food shops, then we plant things like pea shoots and other little plants in them and watch them grow.

"We then give them away to members of the community so they can get food for free. We thought it would be good for the environment and would really help those who need the food".

Another group, Team TALENT (Talk About Love End Negative Thoughts), has been selling products relating to mindfulness and wellbeing.

They donated the funds to children's charity 'With Kids!'. 

Glasgow Times:

A pupil explained: “Our mindfulness jars were made using simple ingredients like glitter, water and PVA glue. 

"We also used recycled jars and bottles. The glitter represents your worries and when you shake it, the glitter goes all around the jar and this means your worries are going away!

“As well as this we also made bookmarks which were all designed by us! When you are reading you will be calm and happy when you see your fun and colourful character on the bookmark!

"These products are sold at our stall for the rest of the school and we also invite our families into our class so we can raise more money, sell more products and also share our learning with everyone!

“Our social-enterprise matters to us because it helps us to work together as a team as well as teaching others about mindfulness and knowing that it is okay to have worries!

"We also enjoy making the products at our lunchtime club and our social enterprise is exciting because we get to teach others about why it is important to keep calm”.

Glasgow Times:

Meanwhile, in Nitshill, St Bernard's pupils are creating personalised sustainable water bottles after conducting their own market research by asking their classmates if they would consider a switch from single-use bottles.

Glasgow Times: St Bernard's pupilsSt Bernard's pupils

Like St Denis, the children at St Bernard's are donating their profits and have chosen the environmental charity Changeworks. 

Their hard work has also captured the attention of the local media. 

Ms Lennox, a teacher at St Bernard's said: "The kids have just been amazing and shown so much resilience throughout the pandemic.

"Newspapers wanted to write about everything that we had been doing during Covid. We worked with The Moon newspaper and The Glasgow Times.

"Just seeing how excited and proud the children were of what they've done just made me feel so proud as well".