A THUG fractured a paramedic's cheek as she tried to help her.

Hannah Thomson, 23, kicked Diane Smith near Glasgow's Trongate on August 15, 2021.

Thomson also lashed out a two further paramedics and a police officer.

The paramedics were so fearful that they had to flee their ambulance for their safety.

Thomson pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court today to assaulting Miss Smith to her severe injury.

She also admitted assaulting Mhairi Morrison and John Gallagher, Jonathon Wieczorek and Graeme Lee to their injuries.

The court heard the paramedics were dispatched to treat Miss Thomson for cuts and scratches to her arms and neck.

She became "extremely volatile" when put on a bed and lashed out at paramedics in an "aggressive manner."

Prosecutor Hannah Sweeney said: "Thomson violently and forcefully kicked Miss Smith to her face to the right side of her cheek and jaw bone.

"A large cracking noise was heard assumed to be from the force of the kick"

Thomson then bit Miss Morrison on the forearm, scratched her then pulled her left thumb back causing instant pain.

She then spat at her which landed on her boot.

Thomson went on to kick Mr Gallagher to the shin causing the skin to break.

Miss Sweeney added: "The force of the kick sent him from one side of the ambulance to the other."

The paramedics activated their emergency buttons and fled the vehicle "for their own safety."

Police later attended and Thomson kicked constable Wieczorek to the head when restraining her.

The paramedics were treated at hospital meantime.

Miss Sweeney said: "After a scan, Miss Smith was told she had sustained a fractured cheek bone and would require surgery for her jaw to be reset.

"She also received bites to her right forearm and fingerprint bruising to the left forearm."

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until July by sheriff Tom Hughes who continued Thomson's bail meantime.