A NORTH Glasgow community's art installation will be one of eight to decorate the Stockingfield Bridge in the near future.

Lambhill Stables, a hub that provides new skills, support, creative and social activities to people in the area, has brought them together to design a ceramic mural.

Titled 'The Shangie', the artwork is celebrating the local mining community, its history and members, both current and past. 

According to plans, it is due to be installed in July or August.

Drawn by the Lambhill Youth Group, the Art Group and the History and Heritage Group of the charity, and created by ceramicist Wendy McCormick and Eddie McKie, it will be placed near the new landmark bridge connecting Maryhill and Ruchill.

Glasgow Times: Maggie MacBean Orr from Lambhill StablesMaggie MacBean Orr from Lambhill Stables

Glasgow Times: The drawings were made by the local communityThe drawings were made by the local community

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Maggie MacBean Orr, project development manager of the social enterprise, said: “The design is pretty much finalised, all that needs to happen is for digital images to be taken and then we’ll start manufacturing the tiles.

“They are really excited about it.

"The opportunity for Lambhill to be represented at such a big development, they were really thrilled about it.

"Also, the fact that ceramic tiles are such a permanent art form, they look forward to being able to take their friends and family along and show them the bit they contributed to.

“I am so excited to see it all when it’s done."

Glasgow Times: The artworks represent the past and present of North GlasgowThe artworks represent the past and present of North Glasgow

Glasgow Times: The installation will be placed near Stockingfield BridgeThe installation will be placed near Stockingfield Bridge

Glasgow Times: The bridge connect Maryhill and RuchillThe bridge connect Maryhill and Ruchill

The images depict pieces of the local history, such as the Cadder Pit Disaster, which happened in 1913 in a nearby mine where many Lambhill residents were employed. An underground fire claimed the lives of 22 miners.

Another reoccurring motif is environmentalism, which is increasingly important to the young people in the area.

Ms MacBean Orr added: "There are also portraits of themselves and a lot of children from a long time ago.

“People cycling along the pathway by the canal, wind turbines, a massive rainbow, the Lambhill Stables building, industrial heritage as well, so a lot of themes around the area will be represented.

“It’s a massive development in their community, and to me local people are the experts, it’s not necessarily the professionals who work here. I think this is absolutely essential for them to feel like they are a part of it.”

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Glasgow Times: The project is important for the communityThe project is important for the community

Glasgow Times: Local groups were excited to get involvedLocal groups were excited to get involved

Nichol Wheatley, artist and consultant to Scottish Canals, said: "One of the things that is going to quite interesting and it doesn't really come across in the design is an incredible piece that will be made out of rainbow mosaics.

“It will be a real commemoration of everything that happened with Covid and the NHS.

“It’s not an erect telling of the story, but it is nicely implied. It’s a lovely artistic response to something that happened very recently.

“There are also some drawing bits that tell the history of the area.

“It’s going to be a great mural. I have done mosaic murals all over the world and Scotland, but this is a real challenging one because you have to honour the cleverness of the artists but also what they have done in terms of talking to the communities.

“I definitely feel the pressure.”

Glasgow Times: Stockingfield BridgeStockingfield Bridge

Glasgow Times: Stockingfield BridgeStockingfield Bridge

There are seven other installations set to be placed around Stockingfield Bridge, all based within the North Glasgow community.