CLASSES have started at a new health hub in Maryhill to support people who are ready to make healthier choices.

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland's new centre is located at the Maryhill Hub at 186 Wyndford Road and opened three weeks ago.

It is open Tuesday to Friday and welcomes anyone from the community.

This week, the hub held its first health walk, which makes exercising accessible and realistic.

Kevin Miller, health defence coordinator, who works at the Maryhill office, said: “A lot of people in the charity were thinking ‘why are we waiting until people develop a condition to help them? Is there something we can do before, that can help people make better choices, make them fitter and healthier and prevent any unnecessary health conditions developing?'

“So, that is why we opened a new health hub in the Maryhill community. I do health checks and assessments. If somebody comes here, I check their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and if these are not at the right level, there is a risk to your heart and overall health.

“We also support people to make better food choices and eat better. We have health walks going on and some free exercise classes. It’s for people who want to come along and work out at a good level, that they can manage. They can take the first steps towards leading a healthier life.

“We also do one-to-one buddy walking, so if somebody wants to get fitter but doesn’t have the confidence to join a group, we can meet with them and take them on a walk.

“We also have a lot of information we can give out on COPD, stroke, diabetes, healthy eating, mental wellbeing. This stuff is all available for people and we also have a free phone, staffed by our nurses, who will deal with them and give them advice."

Glasgow Times: Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland's new Maryhill HubChest Heart and Stroke Scotland's new Maryhill Hub

Glasgow Times: Kevin Miller, Health Defence Co-ordinatorKevin Miller, Health Defence Co-ordinator

Glasgow Times: Health walks support people trying to make healthier choicesHealth walks support people trying to make healthier choices

Glasgow Times: The charity hopes to help people in North GlasgowThe charity hopes to help people in North Glasgow

Glasgow Times: The community are welcome to drop in the centre any timeThe community are welcome to drop in the centre any time

The organisation's first Glasgow premises encourages anyone to come by or phone up to start a conversation about their wellbeing.

According to Mr Miller, there is a great demand for similar services, especially in low-income neighbourhoods.

He said: “The poorer areas in Glasgow seem to have the worst health statistics, for example, by taking a five-minute drive from Drumchapel to Bearsden, your life expectancy will change by about 10 years.

“There is a big difference between some communities in Glasgow.

“But outwith the rich ones, a lot of the numbers are similar. It is a wonderful and diverse city, but I think people need a bit of health support to help them make better choices.

“I have time for people, there is no limit on it, I can listen to people and we can set some goals and help them develop a plan that they can implement, that’s realistic and fits in with their life. Small changes that they can do to get the ball rolling.

“It’s realistic and tailored to the individual."

For more information, visit here or call 07787715430.