CLIMATE activists targeted SUVs in a West End neighbourhood last night, in a second strike in Glasgow in a week.

The tyres of 40 SUVs were deflated on Thursday night in the North Kelvinside area by a group of climate protestors calling themselves the "Tyre Extinguishers".

It comes after the owners of 50 vehicles in Shawlands and Newlands woke up to find their tyres deflated on Wednesday.

The action in the Southside was carried out by a new group called "The Deflanionists", after the Tyre Extinguishers called for action in the city following strikes in Edinburgh.

The group are calling for a ban on SUVs in urban areas, pollution levies to "tax SUVs out of existence", and investment in "free, comprehensive public transport".

They say until politicians make this a reality, their action will continue.

A tweet by the group claimed responsibility for similar acts in Edinburgh, London, The Hague and Zurich.

Nick Otto, a member of the Glasgow Tyre Extinguishers, said: “Members of the Tyre Extinguishers have taken this action because we are in a climate emergency; we have a short and rapidly closing window of time to make changes that will protect the future for all life on earth.

"If SUVs were a country, they would be the 6th largest emitter in the world.

"SUVs in cities are unnecessary, dangerous, and polluting. We want to see a cleaner and safer Glasgow.

"If our leaders won’t make the changes to protect us, then we must take matters into our own hands.”

The group added they target SUVs because they represent a "climate disaster", "cause air pollution" and are "dangerous and unnecessary".

After deflating tyres, the acitivists leave a spoof parking notice on the windshield of their 4x4, informing them that their "luxury lifestyle choice" has been "disarmed".

Glasgow Times:

On Thursday, we reported that a police investigation had been launched and Police Scotland revealed they have received reports of the "reckless act", and drivers were being urged to check their vehicles before driving. 

The actions in Glasgow follow a call from the group to "disarm" SUVs in the city, after 200 vehicles were hit in the capital.

Superintendent Ross Allan said: “We have received reports of vehicle tyres being deliberately deflated in the Glasgow area.

"This is a reckless and potentially dangerous act which could put drivers and other road users at risk.

“Enquiries are ongoing and we would encourage members of the public to call us immediately if they see anyone acting suspiciously close to parked vehicles.

“I would also urge all drivers to check their vehicle before setting off and to contact the police on 101 should they suspect their vehicle has been tampered with.”