CELTIC-daft comedian Des Mclean has been given his own iconic Lisbon Lion blazer by Bertie Auld's widow. 

The legendary player, who passed away in November 2021, was the focus of Des' play Bend It Like Bertie which moved Elizabeth, 83, to tears. 

As a result, she wanted Des to have the special piece of memorabilia, the green blazer.

Des was presented with the blazer by Bertie's son Robert.

Glasgow Times:

Des told the Scottish Sun: “It’s incredible - it’s like Rocky Balboa giving you his heavyweight belt.

“Bertie’s family came along to Motherwell Theatre on Friday night to see the show.

“No matter what happens with the play, you want his family to like it and you want their blessing.

“Not only did his son Robert, who was crying, and the family love it, he then said to me, ‘What size are you in a jacket?’

“I didn’t know what he meant but then later he sent me a picture of Bertie’s blazer and said, ‘Here’s a gift from us’.

“I am not joking, I was overwhelmed. I could not believe it. What a gesture and what an honour.”

Robert attended the play with his wife Susan and pal and ex-Celtic star Pat McGinlay. 

Glasgow Times: The late Bertie AuldThe late Bertie Auld

They were blown away by Des’s portrayal of the Hoops hero, who passed away in November 2021.

Des revealed the family had attended a previous show but tragically had to leave early after receiving the heartbreaking news that their beloved Bertie had taken a turn for the worse.

Des added: “We started the show last year when we did four nights in the Websters Theatre which were sold out.

“We did another night in Greenock and his family came that night but they had to leave to go to the hospital and heartbreakingly Bertie died the following day.

“I contacted them to say we were going to be touring with the show and if that was ok.

“They said, ‘Of course’ because they loved the show which was lovely to know.

“It’s been going great but Motherwell was the highlight so far with Bertie’s family being there.

“And then to get this gift has just blown me away.”

Car dealership boss Robert added: “I bubble at the best of times but I was moved to tears by Des’s performance and we thought it would be fitting to present him with one of my dad’s blazers.

“My mum Elizabeth hasn’t been able to see the show as I think it would be too much for her but she thought it was a great idea to give Des the blazer.”