Glasgow-born actor John Barrowman has witnessed the aftermath of a vehicle driving into pedestrians in Berlin.

The 55-year-old Doctor Who star appeared on his Twitter feed visibly shaken where he told his followers what he witnessed.  

At least one person was killed and eight others injured after a vehicle drove into pedestrians in Berlin, rescue services said.

Glasgow Times:

The incident happened near the popular Kurfuerstendamm shopping boulevard in the west of the German capital, Berlin police spokesman Martin Dams said.

Mr Dams said the suspected driver of the vehicle had been detained.

Actor Barrowman said: "It's really pretty bad guys. There is a lot of police and a dead body in the middle of the road. There is all of the emergency services that are trying to help victims and people. There is a lot of people walking with limps and injuries. 

"If I am pointing to you from the road up there, the car came down onto the pavement. We had dinner in that restaurant last night. The car came down onto the pavement then has come onto the road over there, has hit somebody then has gone down the road then has come back onto the pavement down that way and come back onto the pavement and gone through a bunch of people and gone through the photograph that I posted of a cafe and then right into a store front window.

"The police presence is unbelievable. They are clearing out the area. I heard the bang and crash. We were in a store and then we came out. We just saw the carnage. There is helicopters coming in and out to airlift people."

The site of the incident in Berlin Large numbers of rescue vehicles and first responders were at the scene (Michael Sohn/AP)

It was unclear whether the incident – which happened near the Breitscheid Square, where an extremist carried out a vehicle attack on a Christmas market in 2016, resulting in 13 deaths – was the result of an accident or whether the driver had intentionally driven into the crowd, he added.

Berlin fire service spokesman Stefan Salzwedel, who confirmed the casualty figures, was not immediately able to provide further information on the victims.

Large numbers of rescue vehicles and first responders were at the scene.