A convicted thug involved in a brutal murder bid on a member of a crime family has been jailed for four years.

Ryan Quinn, 27, was the getaway driver as two machete-wielding accomplices leapt out to pounce on Robert Daniel last September 11.

Daniel was left with life-threatening injuries during the 60-second assault at a council dump in Glasgow.

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A judge heard how Quinn had been recruited via social media to get involved for cash - and did not even know the 41-year-old.

Quinn was today sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow having earlier admitted to an attempted murder charge.

The thug - who already had eight assault convictions - had his jail-term cut by two years due to his guilty plea.

The court heard the victim - a member of the Glasgow-based Daniel crime clan - had been working that Saturday afternoon at the Dawsholm Recycling Centre.

Prosecutor Euan Cameron said the attack was "planned and targeted" although no motive was known.

He added: "The role of Quinn was as the driver of the car which transported the assailants to and from the scene."

CCTV saw Mr Daniel sitting the near the entrance as a black Ford Kuga pulled into the tip.

Mr Cameron: "Two - as yet unidentified - males came from the rear both brandishing large machete type weapons.

"They made their way to Robert Daniel, who attempted to run off.

"Both were observed repeatedly striking him using the machetes. The attack lasted less than a minute."

A witness meantime heard a man shout: "I did not mean it. I am sorry."

Quinn spun the car around and the attackers - masked and wearing hi-vis clothing - jumped back in before the vehicle sped off.

The Ford - with false number plates - was later found burnt out near the city's Yoker.

Mr Daniel was rushed to hospital - he had wounds to his thigh, lower left leg as well as a head fracture and ligament damage.

Medics concluded had he not received treatment he would have suffered "uncontrolled" bleeding leading to possible death.

Quinn was held on September 30 after being traced to a caravan park.

His lawyer Geoffrey Forbes said: "He was unemployed and had limited money which was his motive for becoming involved.

"He did not know (Daniel) and had no issue with him.

"He was approached through social media. He was not involved in the planning. This was directed by others unknown to him."

Lady Stacey ordered Quinn to be supervised for two years on his release.

She told him: "This was a very violent attack. However, I can also accept that you did not know these people and that you were personally not involved in the planning.

"I have no information to the contrary.

"You yielded to temptation to take money knowing perfectly well that were getting involved in a serious crime."