HARRY Styles fans have hit out at the organisation of last night's show in Ibrox, after being stuck in queues for hours ahead of the gig.

Gig-goers took to Twitter to vent their frustation as they waited to enter the stadium for up to three hours. 

One fan told the Glasgow Times: "The subway staff was what I think caused it they were shouting at fans that the queue for the concert was to the left

"People were queued from the subway to Ibrox but nobody knew where it started or ended.

"One of the stewards pointed to a line then said to me: I don’t know what they’re queuing for.

"It was chaos, no one knew what was going on."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Another gig-goer wrote on Twitter around 6pm: "The queues at Harry styles Glasgow concert are quite possibly the worst I’ve ever seen, there’s people I’m certain will just not get in.

"No stewards around most of the queues, the occasional policeman on a horse comes by but that’s it, we got here at 4pm and are still waiting."

Glasgow Times:

Another fan wrote: "I have been to 27 concerts, seen around 40 acts.

"NEVER seen a more unorganised event than tonight, I love Harry Styles, I love Glasgow! No fault to Ibrox they done their best BUT it was horrific.

"Police, stewards had no clue there was no communication, they felt useless!

"Been around 20 years since Ibrox held a show and God it showed!

"Waited two hours in the queue outside, arrived at 5.05pm, gained entry at 7.02pm. Merch queue (my choice to go of course) until 7.33pm.

"Toilets queue for 20 minutes as our side only had two cubicles, made it to our seat for 8.22pm."

Glasgow Times:

Another gig-goer shared a picture of a queue, which stretched all the way to Ibrox Subway station.

The show marked the start of the popstar's European leg of Love On Tour. 

The last time a gig was held at the stadium was in 2007, when Bon Jovi performed in the city. 

A DF Concerts event spokesperson said: “With the excitement and anticipation of the show in full swing, fans turned up in their thousands from very early on Saturday morning with the gates opening at 4pm.

"Fans were exceptionally well behaved, co-operative, and cheerful as they passed through security and ticket checks and were a credit to Scotland during such a fantastic show.”

Police Scotland and SPT were approached for comment.