HOUSEHOLDS could save more than £100 a year by signing up to a free trial for high-speed broadband. 

Brillbrand is conducting a trial people across Glasgow and Renfrewshire can now sign up for with a one-price-for-life structure. 

At £35 per month for 1GB, full-fibre service, Brillbrand CEO Duncan Di Biase hopes the app will help as the cost of living crisis continues to hit people hard. 

He said: “The broadband industry standard to this point has been the faster the speed, the higher the price. 

“You only need to look at BT or Virgin’s broadband packages to see that your prices will increase after your contract ends.

"And as for what’s hidden in the fine print, consumers are regularly met with annual price hikes based on contractual terms they weren’t made fully aware of."

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The Glasgow Times has been highlighting the issues caused by rising bills and price increases as well as comparing fuel and shopping basket prices for our readers in our Beat the Squeeze campaign.

Mr Di Biase wants Brillbrand to be the provider people turn to for an affordable package with high speed. 

He added: “At Brillband we’re doing things differently. It’s one speed – the highest we can offer – at one reasonable price. It’s about fairness, transparency, and simplicity. 

“Consumer sites such as Money Saving Expert, warn customers against going for higher-speed packages purely on price. That shouldn’t need to be the case and that’s what we’re trying to change. 

“Ultimately, people just want broadband that works for their needs – be it browsing, gaming, downloads, or working from home – with no fuss at a fair price. That’s where we come in. 

“All households are feeling the pinch right now, and by signing up to the Brillband trial and helping us test the technology, they can save more than £100."

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The three-month, no-obligation trial already has hundreds waiting to join the Glasgow-based internet service provider, which is also recruiting customer service operators.

Mr Di Biase said: "Typically, more than a third of consumers are either out of contract or on rolling contracts with their existing broadband providers and paying more than they need to.

"This trial could come along at just the right time for them.

“They’ll also be part of what could become a truly significant moment in internet service provision, as well as finding out just how well broadband can be done.

"Brillband is the future of broadband, and we’re so confident people will love it, that the first three months is on us – with no obligation to stay.

"If they’re not sure, they can walk away.

“I want Brillband to become Europe’s most loved broadband provider – but it all starts here in Glasgow and Renfrewshire.” 

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