THE old cliche is that a week is a long time in politics. Never could that be more true after the week we’ve just seen unfold in Westminster.

Firstly, I want to make an apology to people reading this column for the recent spectacle we have all seen.

I got into politics to put local people first and that is where any representative of any political persuasion’s focus should lie.

That simply wasn’t the case last week and arguably hasn’t been for too long.

However, with the Prime Minister accepting the inevitable and tendering his resignation, we have a real chance to refresh and refocus the Government onto those priorities that you want us rightly to be focused on.

Tackling the cost-of-living crisis, accelerating our post-pandemic recovery, tackling the backlog in our public services, supporting our Ukrainian allies, and here in Glasgow and Scotland holding the failing SNP government to account.

For us to do that, we in the Conservative Party must now elect a serious leader who is capable of delivering in these serious times. Not just somebody who can win elections, but be a prime minister for our entire United Kingdom at this time.

Out of all the candidates who have declared so far, there is one who stands out to me and that is Penny Mordaunt.

She has served as an international development secretary and as defence secretary, while she is currently a trade minister. I believe Penny has the knowledge and experience to lead the United Kingdom through our current challenges and into a brighter future.

Throughout her career, Penny Mordaunt, has shown time and again that she is ready to serve our nation. From her service in the armed forces to being the face of British diplomacy, she has a unique understanding and experience in matters of foreign affairs, defence and security.

However, if you listen to any interview or speech she has given she has bright ideas on how to promote business, economic growth and jobs.

She is a brilliant performer in the House of Commons slamming both Labour hypocrites and SNP members stirring up grievance.

She has shown she can connect with working-class voters, just look at her own seat which up till 2010 was Labour, she took it from a marginal to a safe Conservative seat by reaching out and speaking to blue collar, working-class communities.

As a one-nation Brexiter, she’ll also be able to unite the country and grasp the opportunities that leaving the EU has to offer. 
Most importantly, she’s an unequivocal and proud Unionist. She understands Scotland, and how vital we are to the rest of the United Kingdom. 

Time and again she has taken Ian Blackford and his cast of SNP backbenchers in Westminster calling out their hypocrisy and complaints with fact over fiction. 

When they attempt to smear Conservatives, she highlights the failings of Nicola Sturgeon’s Nationalist Government. 
She won’t back down or give in, that’s the kind of fighter we need in Number 10.

If anyone can deliver the unity and prosperity of an outward looking, confident, modern and progressive United Kingdom, it is Penny Mordaunt. That’s why she has my full support to be our next prime minister.