A mum attacked two cops after they were called out to a disturbance at her flat.

Chloe Marshall lashed out at police during the incident on July 3, 2020, and kicked and hit them.

But Sheriff Simone Sweeney was told last week the young mum was working hard to change her life. 

The depute fiscal told Glasgow Sheriff Court the incident happened at 9.30pm as cops had been contacted in relation to an ongoing disturbance at the property.

Police attended and were met by Sweeney who, the court was told, was heavily intoxicated and hostile.

Sweeney, from Castlemilk, immediately became violent to police who were making efforts to calm her down.

Officers then entered Sweeney’s property, and she punched one of them to the arm.

She was told she was under arrest and at this point began to kick out, push and scratch the arms of both officers.

While being restrained, the 24-year-old managed to kick one of the police to the leg.

Sweeney’s defence lawyer said his client’s ex-partner had just been at the property and they had been arguing.

He had taken her mobile phone and smashed it.

The solicitor said: “She was upset and hostile and had taken alcohol.

“The officers mentioned seeing broken glass on the floor of the property but that had come from the mobile phone.

“She is doing well now.

“A significant degree of maturity has grown in her and she is looking after her and her son’s interests now.”

Sweeney was placed on a structured deferred sentence and told to appear back in court in four months' time.