A huge collection of alcohol was seized from beach go-ers in Ayrshire yesterday.

Local police shared a photo on social media showing the massive haul of cans and glass bottles, which had been gathered by just 3 pm, stacked across the length of two picnic benches.

A caption states that the booze was confiscated "to prevent those intent on causing disorder and antisocial behaviour at our beaches".

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With more warm weather predicted for today, police have reminded visitors of the laws surrounding public drinking in the area.

Ayrshire Police Division said: "Visitors are reminded that local byelaws exist in Ayrshire that prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public places across Ayrshire.

"No alcohol decreases the chances of antisocial behaviour, making it a more enjoyable time for all the public and their families."

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Facebook users have shared their thoughts on the matter with one saying: "Absolutely take my hat off to all these officers on Irvine beach today.

"The amount of young kids on that beach today out of their heads was unreal.

"These guys are picking up the pieces and keeping them safe!"

Another added: "Good.

"Actually sick of anti-social idiots meaning everyone else cannot visit a beach or a park."