Temperatures are soaring today as Glasgow faces day two of the heatwave.

In the summery weather, many residents have taken to parks and outdoor spaces to spend the day.

We have asked sunbathers, cyclists and walkers on Glasgow Green how they are feeling about the unprecedented heat.

Many of them were happy to see the mercury climb upwards.

Alan Duncan, 53, from the New Gorbals area, said: “The weather is good, I’m excited. I like the heat anyway. 

“I was supposed to be down south giving a lecture, but my train was cancelled due to the heat.

“It means I get to spend more time with the grandkids.

“I don’t know what everyone is moaning about, it’s only a couple of days of sunshine. We moan when it’s raining, and we moan when it’s too hot.”  

Glasgow Times: Alan Duncan, 53Alan Duncan, 53

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Similarly, William Baird, 64, from Cumbernauld, is enjoying the current weather.

He said: “I’m delighted with the heat. We’ve not had an awful lot of it this year, so we’ll take it when we get it.  

“It can never be too warm for me, honestly. 

“People smile at you when you go by because people are happy because it’s sunny.  

“Are there long-term implications of this? Absolutely, but we’ll worry about that in the morning when it’s cloudy again. 

 “Today, I’m heading home and I’m going to sit outside the house, on the grass, and finish this book and start a new one. Life doesn’t get any better.”

Glasgow Times: William Baird, 64William Baird, 64

Gorbals locals, Colin Young, 31, and Paul O Reilly, 50, also spoke to us.

Paul said: “I’m embracing it, I love it.  

“If this is global warming, bring it on.” 

When talking about their plans for the day, he said: “I’m working later, so I’m just going to enjoy it.”  

Colin added: “I’m enjoying it.  

“I’m working later too, so we got up early this morning to make the most of the day.”

Glasgow Times: Colin Young, 31, and Paul O ReillyColin Young, 31, and Paul O Reilly

Others had mixed feelings regarding the suddenly increasing temperatures, including students Leona Stewart, 19, and Amber Murray, 19, both from Cambuslang.

Leona said: “It’s really hot and it makes you think about everyone around you who’s struggling with it.” 

Amber added: “It makes you think of the environmental impacts too. Like, this is not normal. This shouldn’t be normalised.  

“This heat has never been seen in this country before so to put it in perspective, everyone is going to be affected by heat like this and that’s scary, and to think about where that’s going in the next few years.” 

“But, it is nice to get out."

Leona said: “We can’t really do anything about it, it’s happening, there’s only so much we can do.”  

Glasgow Times: Leona Stewart, 19, and Amber Murray, 19Leona Stewart, 19, and Amber Murray, 19

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Susan Smith, 54, and Geraldine Cairns, 56, who cycled from Clydebank to the Green, had somewhat opposing views on the heat.  

Susan said: “I’m loving it!

“We cycled from Clydebank, and we’re going to have our lunch and then cycle back. "   

Though she is enjoying the heat, Geraldine said: “This is quite scary. What’s it going to be like in 40 years' time?”  

Glasgow Times: Susan Smith, 54, and Geraldine Cairns, 56Susan Smith, 54, and Geraldine Cairns, 56

Some people struggle with the extreme weather.

Ronald Gray, 53, from Calton, said: “I can’t cope with extreme temperatures, I have MS so it’s not comfortable.” 

In terms of keeping cool, he mentioned the use of cooling aids, as well as keeping in the shade and staying hydrated.  

Glasgow Times: Ronald Gray, 53Ronald Gray, 53