Angry Wyndford residents have announced that they plan to buy shares in the energy company they are in a dispute with in order to have their voices heard.

Members of Wyndford Residents Union also revealed that they will travel to Perth on August 30 to hold a demonstration in front of the SSE headquarters.

This comes after locals have been seeing a 50% increase in their energy bills and have taken to the streets multiple times in recent months.

Glasgow Times: Activists gathered todayActivists gathered today

Glasgow Times: Protest on June 18Protest on June 18

In their latest movement, as the Glasgow Times reported at the time, they assembled at the Waterloo Street offices with Maryhill flags and kazoos to demand negotiations with the energy company.

SSE Plc owns the Wyndford district heating plant, which supplies energy to the tenants.

When it was installed in 2011, residents were told the facility was designed to alleviate fuel poverty, but now they claim it has done little to reduce costs to households in the area.

Gathering at the Wynford gate today, the group distributed posters and encouraged people to stick them in their windows in protest.

Depicting SSE boss Alistair Phillips-Davies, the leaflets call out the company after the CEO received a 47% payrise.

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Glasgow Times: Nick Durie, 39Nick Durie, 39

Nick Durie, 39, membership officer of Wyndford Residents Union, said: "Today is the AGM of SSE Plc, so they are gathering in Perth to discuss the profits of the company, so we are making the announcement that we are going to buy shares from the company for next year.

"So, we are going to be there at the AGM next year if they are not prepared to settle with us and we are going to organise shareholder proxies."

He emphasised that people are struggling to pay their increased bills amid the cost-of-living crisis but are unable to switch suppliers.

Glasgow Times: Mr Durie speaking to passers-byMr Durie speaking to passers-by

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Mr Durie added: "The other announcement is, we are organising a protest at the SSE headquarters in Perth in August.

"We have a number of cars and a taxi driver involved as well, so we will be sending a big delegation.

"We are also reaching out to people around the country because we want as many people to join as possible.

"We would be happy with 200 demonstrators, that is the target."

An SSE spokesperson said: “We have and will continue to engage with Wyndford representatives.

"We would encourage anyone who needs help to get in touch so that we can discuss additional ways to support them."