A thug who shot a woman in a botched rifle attack has been jailed for 655 days.

Paul Kenna, 27, struck Karla Deacon on the chest with the air weapon at a property in Glasgow's Easterhouse on June 7, last year. 

The force of the blow was so hard that it left an imprint on the letter 'O' of the victim's North Face t-shirt.

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Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Kenna and Miss Deacon's partner Kevin Jaconelli did not get on.

Miss Deacon and Mr Jaconelli were in the front garden speaking to a neighbour as Kenna appeared in an Audi sportscar with the passenger window open.

Prosecutor Tanjeel Maleque said: "Kenna lifted a long-barrelled air weapon which was pointed at Miss Deacon and he fired one shot.

"A pellet from an air weapon has travelled towards her and struck her on the upper right chest area."

The bullet had travelled 20 yards to strike the victim.

Kenna meantime drove off at speed as a 999 call was made.

The pellet was not recovered and Miss Deacon was left with a blood blister and bruising.

No treatment was required after she visited hospital.

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Mr Maleque added: "Police spoke with Miss Deacon who provided police with a grey North Face t-shirt.

"It was clear that on the 'o' of the word north an entry mark had been made by a pellet."

Kenna, who appeared from custody, pleaded guilty to assaulting Miss Deacon to her injury.

The dad-of-two also admitted driving without a licence and with no insurance.

Marisa Borland, defending, told today sentencing: "He is devastated by his behaviour and he did not appreciate the serious nature of what had taken place.

"He has had plenty of time to reflect on that.

"He has considered how to handle his conflict with Miss Deacon's partner when he is back in the community."

Sheriff Joan Kerr told Kenna: "As a reaction to verbal abuse you chose to drive home to collect an air weapon and drive back to the scene where you discharged the rifle.

"The recklessness and stupidity of your actions is laid bare considering the person you looked to injure with the pellet was not even your intended victim.

"Only a custodial sentence is appropriate."

Kenna was also disqualified from driving for nine months.