A suspect is accused of mowing down and trying to kill a woman after allegedly sending her a "menacing" video.

Terri-Anne Sinclair is charged with the attempted murder of the woman in Glasgow's Royston on February 23, last year.

Prosecutors claim Sinclair drove a car at her and hit her causing her to fall to the ground.

It is said that she then continued to repeatedly drive the motor over the woman's body.

The attempted murder accusation states this was to the woman's severe injury, permanent impairment and disfigurement as well as to the danger of her life.

Sinclair, of Uddingston, faces a separate charge in connection with the woman.

It is said - between February 22 and 23 last year - she punctured tyres to a car and did send "threatening" messages as well as a "video of a menacing character" to the woman.

The case called today at the High Court in Glasgow, where lawyers pleaded not guilty on Sinclair's behalf.

Lady Drummond set a trial due to begin next May.

Sinclair remains on bail meantime.