A petition urging the Scottish Government to address the 'disturbing' culture of youth violence in the city has gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

North Glasgow activist Alex O'Kane, who runs a popular community Facebook page, is encouraging people to sign the document in an effort to eliminate "the dangers which currently exist on the streets of Glasgow city centre".

Glasgow Times: Alex O'KaneAlex O'Kane

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In the petition, he said: "In recent months I have received dozens of videos, images and first-hand accounts which describe a disturbing culture of youth violence in Glasgow city centre.

"Children as young as 13 years old have been kicked unconscious and left in pools of blood whilst the incidents are videoed and circulated on social media. Children should be safe in our city.

"There are several posts on the No1seems2care Facebook page which show images of some of these violent incidents. The videos are too graphic to show on a public platform. There are also first accounts from people in Glasgow city centre."

Glasgow Times: Chief Inspector Natalie Carr Chief Inspector Natalie Carr

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Currently, the petition has 2,227 signatures and will be available to sign until Monday, August 8.

This comes after the Glasgow Times reported that Chief Inspector Natalie Carr, who is in charge of one of the city’s busiest beats, said the top of her agenda is tackling problems involving youth disorder.

She said: "We won’t tolerate anti-social behaviour but it’s really important to me that we engage with these young people and find out a wee bit more about them, what brings them to the city centre, and what we can do to support them."