A FORMER Scots junior footballer has denied raping a woman at a friend's house.

Reece McGillion allegedly attacked the woman in Linwood on July 12, 2020.

The 29-year-old claimed he met the then 20-year-old at a team party to celebrate signing a new contract at Renfrew FC.

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The High Court in Glasgow was told by McGillion in evidence that the pair went back to a teammate's house with another woman.

McGillion claimed that the two women initially went to the toilet while he had a beer with teammate and friend Patrick O'Keefe.

Jurors were told in evidence by the woman that she was sick when she went to the toilet.

McGillion claimed he asked if she was okay and if she "wanted to do things."

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He stated that the pair kissed and went into Mr O'Keefe's bedroom where it continued after the woman "agreed."

McGillion told the jury that they undressed before engaging in consensual oral sex.

Callum Hiller, defending, asked if the woman suggested that she did not want it to happen.

McGillion replied: "No."

McGillion stated that they attempted to have intercourse but he was unable to perform.

Mr O'Keefe allegedly entered the room with the other woman and confronted the pair about blood on his bedsheets.

McGillion believed that there was a misunderstanding when the other woman allegedly mentioned that Mr O'Keefe had a girlfriend in relation to the bloody sheets.

McGillion thought that this gave the woman a "fright."

Mr Hiller asked: "You thought at the time the other woman was talking about you and your girlfriend?"

McGillion replied: "Yes."

McGillion stated that he and the woman went back to trying to have sex once he left the room but were unsuccessful.

He claimed during further sexual contact he was told by the woman "Not like that" and "That's forceful, stop."

McGillion told the jury that he stood up.

He said: "She stood up but I could see she was getting upset, crying a bit and I said why are you crying I've done nothing wrong.

"She did not say anything to me."

The woman allegedly left the room in a state of undress.

McGillion claimed he could hear Mr O'Keefe say: "What are you saying? This is quite serious."

He stated he was later told by Mr O'Keefe that the woman was "saying mad stuff."

Mr Hiller put it to McGillion that he made claims at the time about not having sex with the woman.

He replied: "I said to Patrick that I didn't have full sex...I meant from start to finish, I thought he knew what I meant by full sex."

McGillion, who works as a sales rep for a family business, told the jury the accusations have suspended his application to join the fire service.

He added that he does not play football and spends his time working or with his daughter.

Prosecutor Eilidh Robertson put it to McGillion that she told him she felt sick when he was kissing her neck.

He replied: "No."

Miss Robertson said: "I suggest through the sexual encounter she told you she didn't want to have sex or engage in other sexual encounters with you."

McGillion said: "No, if she had suggested this I would have stopped."

Miss Robertson asked: "She said she was facing away from you and you moved her head towards you."

McGillion replied: "No."

Miss Robertsonsaid: "To try and get you to stop she twisted her hips away from you?"

McGillion replied: "No."

McGillion, of Glasgow's Possilpark, continues to plead not guilty to the charge of rape and sexual assault.

The trial continues before Judge Lady Stacey.