The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital will be lit up in blue today to raise awareness for World Drowning Prevention Day.

Organisations across the globe, including NHSGGC, will 'go blue' in support of the United Nations campaign to highlight the devastating impact of losing a loved one through drowning.

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It is one of the leading causes of death in Scotland with 57 people dying as a result of accidental drowning last year.

This was the highest recorded number since 2015. 

Glasgow Times:

With the recent warm weather, the health board has stressed the importance of taking care around rivers, lochs and ponds which can be "dangerous and unpredictable".

A spokesperson said: "Open water is often deeper than it looks, and it may be cold only a few feet below the surface.

"This can cause cold water shock which can overwhelm you and cause you to drown, no matter your fitness level or swimming ability."

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Dr Emilia Crighton, Interim Director of Public Health at NHSGGC, added: “We are delighted to be supporting World Drowning Prevention Day, as it is important to think twice before going for a dip in Scotland’s lochs and rivers.

“The weather may be lovely and the water may look inviting, but even at the height of summer, there are hidden dangers, not least from the cold.

"Following a few bits of advice about staying safe in water really can be a lifesaver.”

For more information on World Drowning Prevention Day or advice for staying safe in the water click here.