A bid to build 65 new homes on the site of a former Glasgow school has sparked concerns about a lack of outdoor play areas for children.

The houses, a mixture of two-storey detached, semi-detached and terraced homes, would be developed on Crookston Road where Howford Primary School used to sit and near Ross Hall hospital.

But during a public consultation concerns were raised about the development by local residents about the lack of outdoor spaces and children’s play area on site.

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And officials suggested it could breach city development policies on providing outdoor amenity spaces.

Robertson Living, who owns the land, has insisted that its proposal for the brownfield site, on the bank of White Cart water will include open spaces and a children’s play area as part of the development.

If approved there will be one point of access from Crookston Road and new homes will be positioned to provide an attractive and welcoming gateway to the site.

The developer has also promised to retain the mature trees along the river embankment while maintaining the character of the area and providing a boundary separation between old and new homes in the neighbourhood. 

The new homes will also see improved access to the existing nearby woodland for the local community with potential connection directly to NCR 7 and the core path network.

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  Parking spaces will also be provided in a range of different formations, ensuring that streets are not dominated by vehicles, while adding to the sense of place.

The application is expected to be brought before the planning committee in due course.