A YOUNG businessman is transforming an empty West End retail unit in an effort to bring local craft makers into the spotlight.

Earlier this year, we reported that 23-year-old Jordan Trainer was on a mission to revitalise the Glasgow high street by hosting a monthly pop-up market in Partick.

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Glasgow Times:

Speaking this week, he said: “The markets were so much fun to host and a great way to give small business owners a chance to connect.

“I think it was good for the local community as well, especially after Covid.

“As well as becoming a monthly social event it was important to give customers the chance to meet the people behind the business.”

After a string of successful events, Jordan has now secured a permanent location for an adapted version of his market which will be open on a daily basis.

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Glasgow Times:

The Partick Mini Market can be found just a few doors down from its original home in the former Dumbarton Road Poundland with an opening date planned for late August.

Jordan said: “The new shop will have the same rotating list of independent sellers, just in a retail space rather than a market.

“I really like working in Partick and it was nice to be able to give an empty unit a bit of a makeover.

“It feels like there’s been a real shift in people looking to shop local instead of online.

“There are already so many independent cafes and restaurants on the street, I think the shop will be a great addition to the area.”

Having created a vibrant community hub with his markets, young entrepreneur Jordan is now hoping that he can inspire others to share their wares at the Mini Market.

Glasgow Times:

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He said: “We’re going to have a space for young people aged between 15 and 18 whose products we’ll stock free of charge in the hopes that it will encourage more young people to get into the world of business.

“I’ve always run my own businesses, even from a young age, so it’s all I’ve ever known.

“I really enjoy being self-employed and being able to do my own thing.

“Other than that, we’re still looking for anyone who is into crafts or is looking for the chance to sell in a retail space.

“The idea is to create a space for as many local traders as possible.

"In the future, I would love to be able to open other similar locations across Glasgow.

“It’s nerve-racking to be opening the shop, but really exciting at the same time.”

The Partick Mini Market shop will open from August 26 at 286 Dumbarton Road.

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