A woman claimed she was punished as a child by washing her mouth with burning liquid and a kitchen brush.

The 26-year-old told a jury that she faced “horrific” abuse at the hands of Jean Mills, 68, and her daughter Gayle McGregor, 37, while in their care at properties in Glasgow’s Southside between 2001 and 2014.

The woman stated further punishments as a child included standing in a hallway for hours without dinner and being forced to smoke cigarettes.

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Mills is accused of three charges against the 26-year-old woman at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

These include cruelly and unnaturally treating the woman as well as wilfully illtreat and an assault on her.

Mills, of the city's Toryglen, faces identical charges against the woman's 19-year-old half-sister.

Mills' daughter and co-accused Gayle McGregor, of King's Park, is also charged with assaulting the 26-year-old woman.

The pair deny the charges.

The court heard from the woman who stated in evidence that she smashed a kitchen door when she was nine or 10 in the city’s King’s Park.

The woman claimed that she was given into trouble by Mills before telling her to “f*** off.”

She added: “Jean didn’t like it and told me to wash my mouth out with soap.

“She got a bottle from the kitchen and took a kitchen brush and brushed my mouth.

“I was dragged to the sink and told to rinse out my mouth and go to bed.”

Prosecutor Hannah Sweeney asked what the liquid tasted like and the witness replied: “Burning.”

The woman recalled other methods of punishment that she received.

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She stated that the first she could remember was when she was four or five.

The witness said she was shouted at and slapped by Mills before being told to go into the hallway and face the wall.

She said: “I was left in the hall with no dinner.

“I would cry and shout to get to bed as my legs were getting sore.

“Jean left me in the hall for hours to the early hours of the morning.”

The woman stated that the wall punishment was a regular occurrence that lasted between 30 minutes to a few hours and between three to 10 times a month.

She added that on one occasion she was left in the hall she was given a piece of bread to eat.

The woman claimed that she was then “rag dolled” around the living room like a “police dog would grab an arm” by McGregor after calling her a “b***h.”

She alleged that she was also threatened by McGregor that she would “kick f*** out of me with ice skates that she had.”

The woman stated that McGregor confronted her amid claims she was caught smoking with peers outside school.

The woman denied smoking and claimed that it was her friends but it “wasn’t good enough for Jean and Gayle - I was always a liar.”

McGregor was stated to have taken two cigarettes out of her bedroom.

The woman said: “She forced me to smoke them - I was coughing and spluttering and being sick.

“She said I was lying for attention and to cover up my lies.”

The woman also recalled an incident when she was 16 when McGregor attacked her with an iPad after an argument.

She stated she was hit on the back and ribs which left bruising.

She added: “Gayle smashed the iPad fully and couldn’t use it as it was bent.”

The woman sobbed when she told the jury that there were occasions she was told to stand in the hall while fully naked.

She recalled one incident when in second year at high school she was left to face into the living room until the early hours of the morning.

Miss Sweeney said: “During this period of time did Jean say anything to you?”

The witness said: “She would call me a fat, ugly, worthless.

“I would shout back and say I’m a good person and she would say no you are not - who would want you?”

The woman claimed the incidents have left her with anxiety and depression as well as complex PTSD.

The woman also told the jury that her half sister was treated like “something she stepped on” by Mills including witnessing her being slapped and being called “worthless.”

The trial continues tomorrow before Sheriff Joan Kerr.